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Boney James – “Full Effect”

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Boney James To Release His New Single “Full Effect” On August 17th

4-Time GRAMMY Nominated Saxophonist Notches First Top 10 Billboard Pop Chart Debut with SOLID

Los Angeles, CA: On August 17th, 4x Grammy-nominated Saxophonist Boney James will release “Full Effect,” the new single from his latest album Solid. Boney released the album on June 12th and despite dropping the album during the COVID-19 pandemic, Boney notched his first Top 10 debut on the Billboard Top Albums Chart, a rare feat for an instrumentalist to be grouped with Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, etc.

Talking about the new song, James says, “When you’re in ‘Full Effect’ you’re in your element. That’s how I was feeling when I wrote and recorded this song. Originating from a guitar lick I heard tour guitarist Kendall Gilder play at a soundcheck, ‘Full Effect’ is the perfect track to follow up the #1 title cut from the new Solid CD.”

While all of Boney’s “SOLID 2020 Tour” dates have been rescheduled to 2021, Boney has been staying connected with fans by performing mini-concerts on Facebook Live (with over 1.3 million views.) These Facebook concerts have all landed in the Top 20 on the new Pollstar Livestream Chart. He is also keeping fans safe and happy during the pandemic by adding Boney James face masks to his Online Store which are now available for pre-order at

Now a four-time GRAMMY nominee with four RIAA Gold records and career sales topping three million units, James continues to defy musical genres; A two time NAACP Award nominee, a Soul Train Award winner and named one of the Top 3 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Artists of the Decade.

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