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Do Not Allow Money to Move you – Peace Ado

MONEY is an item generally accepted as a payment for goods, services and repayment of debts. Money is valued as means of exchange over all other items; and that is why it has much value in our world today. Money solves problems buyable or affordable. If you can earn just little, it can solve some of your problems. Satisfied or not satisfied, if you don’t have money; you can only endure but will definitely suffer. That is why in your getting try to broaden your mind, and learn new ways of doing things. Proverbs, 9:8-10.

You need money, in your ministry as Pastor, Music minister, Business man/woman, for your day to day living, for you to render a help, for plans/ideas to manifest, you need money.
But, do not allow money to move you/ have control over you. When it controls you, you ll begin to boast, you will begin to worship it, you will begin to disrespect people! and begin to loose focus on God.

The Bible talks about money over 2000 times/verses according to some Bible researchers and based on studies in different ways. Of which I wanna share just 5 from it.

1- little money earning makes grow. It means you don’t just get rich in a day. Proverbs 22:16
2. It tells that good reputation is better than riches little is greater than wealth of the wicked psalms 49.
3. It says don’t rely on your riches for you not to fall. Proverbs 11:28.
4. It tells that no amount of riches can satisfy a man. Eccl. 5:10
5. There are times when money cannot satisfy. Proverbs 11:4.

It didn’t say money is evil. It says the love of money is the root of all evil, because the love for money at some point makes people with little knowledge about God commit murder, adultery and fornication, steal, bear false witness etc.

Lastly I wanna tell you that money is good. You just need to study it, understand it, control it, know how to save it, invest it, help people from it, know how to spend it, and be wise. Money is good because God wants you to prosper, even the evil ones prosper. His plans for us is beautiful and also gave us wisdom to solve problems which can key us into prosperity. He wants us to have knowledge of him and make our path properous, He has pleasure in our prosperity. Psalms 35:27.

Thank so much.

Peace Ado
(Zuwaira Ado Mohammed)

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