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DOWNLOAD MP3: Minister Ifesbaba – Mercy

Download Minister Ifesbaba – Mercy mp3 audio

After the release of his last singles titled SAVE ME, fast rising gospel music superstar Mnister Ifesbaba, drops another powerful worship song titled “MERCY” which came with its Visual

Mercy is a song you can’t get tired of listening to, a song that connect the spirit man to divinity.

A song that charges the spirit in worship to Almighty GOD. Download this powerful worship song and get connected to your testimony.

GOD bless you in JESUS CHRIST NAME!! Amen.

Minister ifesbaba – Mercy (lyrics)


Lord God Almighty, I worship you today…


I know I have sinned against you,
I pray for you to have Mercy..
All I want is your Grace..
Lord God is your name…
And your Grace is just like flame…
I cry every night and day…
Oh Lord have mercy…


(Have mercy on me Lord)
Have mercy, oh Lord God
(Have mercy on me Lord)
Oh Lord have mercy on your children all over the world..
(Have mercy on me Lord)
We are pleading for your Grace oh, we can not do with out you Lord.
(Have mercy on me Lord)
Accient of days arise oh, and revive the whole world..


I open my heart to Jesus..
Because I know He is my saviour…
God is my refuge and my promoter…
He is the rock of ages…
I remember when I use to sing to survive…
But today am singing to revive oh…,…
All over the world…
God revive us…eh…eh…

(Repeat chorus) 2×

* Speaking in tongues…*

Oh Jesus we worship you….

* Speaking in tongues…*

Their is no one like you Lord Jesus…
You are the accient of days,
We worship you, we adore you…
Their is no one to compare with you…
The only miracle working God…
The only true God, the God of Shadrach and Meshach and Aberdnago..
We worship you, we call on you to revive the whole world..
Lord have mercy eh…eh..
Have mercy
Have mercy…

(Repeat chorus)

..The End..

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