Elshadai Music – While I’m Waiting

Elshadai Music While Im Waiting
Elshadai Music While Im Waiting

Elshadai Music While Im Waiting

With their beautiful voice, Elshadai Music, a Nigerian fast-rising group of multi-talented and anointed persons, performs passionate worship and an Afrocentric interpretation of Travis Greene’s timeless praise hymn “While I’m Waiting” by Chandler Moore.
It’s accompanied with a stunning visual, which you can watch here.

“While I’m Waiting,” co-written by Moses Onoja and Wiseone Joe, is a powerful song that reminds everyone how trustworthy and unshakeable God’s words and promises are in any situation.

Elshadai Music, as usual, captions this powerful performance with the words, “Life is full of the unexpected, both good and unpleasant.”
In all circumstances, God can be trusted.
His Word is a vehicle for Him to explain what He wants you to know about life.”

“God is not a liar.
He didn’t back then, and he won’t back now.
He kept His word to the people throughout the years, despite the sufferings they endured, both as a result of their acts and as a result of natural tribulations.
God was true to His word.
“All glory to God!”

Elshadai Music is a band from Elshadai, Egypt.
The original/most recent work of Elshadai Music, “My Story,” is still accessible to stream and download.
The song is based on Psalm 102:13 (NIV), which states, “You will awake and take compassion on Zion, for the set hour has come to show favor to her.”

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