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Jed Bayes – The Victory

On October 16th, Christian Singer and Worship Leader Jed Bayes launches his latest song ‘The Triumph’. This is the first album he and his wife Emily wrote together, born while pregnant with their son Lincoln and the road to achieving Victory through her battle with ovarian cancer.

Recently, the Bayes family moved from Georgia to North Carolina, where Jed is the director of worship at Sanford’s Grace Chapel Church and Emily is an assistant physician at Duke Regional Hospital. Jed has been on the road as a right-hand man and keyboardist to legendary Worship Leader Charles Billingsley for the last 5 years. He has worked globally alongside some of the best of the Christian faith through such journeys, including Dr David Jeremiah, Charlie Daniels, Lysa T erkeurst, Ravi Zacharias, Katherine Wolf, Michael English, Lisa Harper, and more. At the Ladies of Joy Conference and Gridiron Men’s Conference, he is still frequently featured.

Jed and Emily heard the thrilling news in January 2017 that their household will now be a trio (or a quintet with their 2 basset hounds). Unfortunately, what should have been a marvellous experience took a turn for the worse. Emily (a Medical Assistant) started to experience the awful discomfort at 11 weeks into the birth whilst in the space of a patient and wondering if she was miscarrying. She was rushed to the floor of the OB and had an ultrasound, revealing a large suspicious cyst with a mass inside the cyst. She visited her OB / GYN the following morning and felt it was better to undergo surgery to remove the cyst and mass immediately. As the doctor had learned the cyst was potentially cancerous, what should have been a simple operation lasted almost all day, which forced the surgeons to cut her appendix as cancerous cells were already detected there.

They travelled home that night not knowing what the future may hold. Emily went into a depression, feeling alone, forsaken, and wondering if the baby would be all right or if the child would be affected by the trauma of the surgery. She knew that God was in control but was struggling with the thoughts of losing this precious child. Through all of this, Jed had been travelling heavily still, while trying to keep his family focused on finding joy and victory through the struggle.

The next week at the post-op, the surgeon began to explain that the baby and the cyst were fighting for space and because of that it brought to light cancer very early, and it was unlikely that she would need further treatment. But, the most amazing part was, had she not been pregnant at the exact right time, the situation could have been much worse and the doctors would not have detected cancer early enough to stop the spread. God used a child to save her life.

In September they finally got to meet their little miracle boy, Lincoln Jedidiah Bayes. The next year was full of joy and happiness, and out of that season, Jed and Emily wrote a song together the night before Easter in 2018 claiming where their Victory is found.

But the battle wasn’t quite over for the Bayes family. During a check-up in February of 2019, it was discovered that another suspicious cyst had formed on Emily’s remaining ovary, her cancer enzymes had elevated again, and the pain had returned. A full hysterectomy was recommended at this point. Confused and left wondering what will happen next, they clung to the song they had written one-year prior… “The battle is over, the victory is Yours.”

By God’s grace alone after the same surgeon performed the hysterectomy, there was no cancer to be found! The battle was officially over at this point. Through the year following cancer, there were many days of fear and anxiety, wondering would it come back after this surgery. “God used it for true healing and the song ‘The Victory’ continued to play in our hearts and minds, knowing that not all is good but God has the final say. We relished in knowing that battles are fought but no matter what the situation, God had used His Son to win the war, and in this situation in our lives, God used our son to bring to light a battle that was ultimately won. Some may say, well cancer came back, and they cannot have any more children, but that is all ok with us because we can rest that the battle is over and the war is won and He used this pregnancy and our son and this cancer to heal us in so many more ways than just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. We look at it as such a picture of Christ and his redemption story. To God be all the Glory and Praise.” – Emily Bayes

“The situation could have been much worse, which is what we keep in the back of our minds when we tell our story. We never want to claim that God can give anyone a testimony just like ours because there are many situations that do not turn out the same. We want to say that even if He chose not to heal Emily, the battle over death has already been overcome by the King of Kings. Jesus defeated death through the conquest of Calvary and has given eternal life for anyone that will believe, and that is what gives us the victory in every circumstance.” – Jed Bayes

Later in 2019 Jed began to record their song in his own studio in his spare time, there were many obstacles to overcome but God’s timing is perfect. He played every instrument, edited, and mixed “The Victory” at Mountain Ridge Studios, where he is the owner and operator. He was assisted by James DeFriese during the recording process. James, Emily Bayes, and Joseph DeFriese were also background vocalists. The track was mastered by sought after industry professional Drew Lavyne at All Digital Mastering.

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