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You Make Mistakes differentiating Between self-esteem & self-concept

Self-esteem as it may appear, is self regards with respect and value. It is a person’s overall sense of his/her worth/value, depending on how much one appears to appreciate him/herself; accepting, and believing in him/herself which has a relationship with our well being. Morris Rosenberg, writes in(1965) that ” self-esteem is quite simply ones attitude towards oneself. He describes it as “a favourable and unfavourable attitude towards the self” self-esteem can be tested and be improved upon; that is to say it is not fixed.

Many people have been making mistakes in differentiating between self-esteem and self-concept. According to Purkey (1988) it is totality of complex, organised, and dynamic system of learnt beliefs, attitude, and opinions that each person holds to be true about his/her personal existence” But then, when u have self-esteem it makes/ pushes you to develop self-concept of life, self-control, self-confidence, self-efficiency, self-worth! self-compassion,also helps you to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.

People develop self-esteem due to experiences which flows from their sense of worth. It is a very important factor of life that helps one to:
1. Make choices, decisions, and influence.
2. Motivate and takecare of him/herself.
3.Fulfil personal goals.
4. Remember his/her full potentials
5.Be independent with self-dependent happiness.

Finally, people with no or less self- esteem don’t understand, appreciate, nor care about so many things. For example people who care about cell phones takecare of them, fix screen guards, pouches of different colours and designs, know where and how to keep them safely, make good decisions of who is allowed to touch/hold them and how and when to charge them. This is no different from self-esteem! When you value yourself, you takecare of yourself, make decisions and enhance your value, who to associate With and have an awesome attitude. You also become more careful in making choices. Self-esteem, makes you unique and respected.

Thank you very much.

Peace Ado
(Zuwaira Ado Mohammed)

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